Vendor Parking

VENDOR STREETS are ONE-WAY ONLY for both set-up entry & tear-down (please be advised that all vendor cars should be off the street by 7:30 am)


Locate your street location below and follow the traffic flow noted:

Main Street Vendors
Westbound only

St. John & St. Peter St. Vendors
Enter from Main Street only ~ exit to Union Street

Parkway Vendors
Enter via Parkway, the eastbound lane – NOT Main Street;
Exit to Main Street westbound (turn left)

Pflueger’s Lot Vendors
Enter & exit via River St @ Dock Street (move and replace the barricade)

Union St. Vendors
Enter from Parkway (the short bit of westbound lane)
Turn right onto Union Steet.
Exit towards the Library – turn right @ St. John Street OR continue straight up Union Street.

Haven’s Railroad Street Parking Lot has been designated for VENDOR PARKING only and is available on a first come, first serve basis and is accessible ONLY via WEST MAIN ST.

NOTE: Railroad Street lot will be CLOSED when full and NO ONE will be permitted to leave until 4 pm.

**If you need to leave prior to 4 pm, DO NOT park here.

Only ONE car per vendor will be permitted on the Vendor Lot

**Use your Location Letter as your ID as a Borough Day Vendor – keep it with you as you park your car…display it on your dash.

Alternate FREE parking suggestions, with easy in/out access ~ (these are suggested parking lots for organizations with multiple volunteers coming and going all day)

Walk In Art Ctr/Evans Deliver lot (Columbia Street to West Market Street)
Haven’s High School Lot (West Main Street)
Island Park (Dock St to Fritz Reed Ave)

Borough Day Volunteers wearing orange vests will be on hand to assist.

Please be patient.

Have a GREAT Borough Day!

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