About Us

Airborne Contamination Identification Associates, Ltd (ACIA) is dedicated to serving the indoor air quality needs of today’s national marketplace with innovative concepts and products. Located in York, Pennsylvania, ACIA Ltd opened its doors in April 2000 with one goal in mind from “classrooms to clean rooms.” We supply cost effective solutions to enhance product quality and production in all industries and markets. We have successfully distinguished ourselves from the competition by our excellent customer service and one-stop-shop approach. Being the best requires excellence in all areas – from product expertise to product selection, quality and custom design capabilities to timely delivery.

Why Work With Us?

There is one key thing that sets us apart from the competition: Value added services. At ACIA we offer more value added services than any of our competitors at no additional charge!

ACIA = Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, our experts can visit your site and make recommendations on how to be more effective in filtering your building’s air, which may include helping to reduce the number of filters being used in a building, reduce energy consumption and provide “green” solutions.

ACIA = Just In Time Delivery

ACIA operates out of a large warehouse located in central Pennsylvania allowing us to keep in stock thousands of filters. How does this benefit you? ACIA puts you, our customers, on a delivery schedule and will warehouse your orders at no additional fee, saving in the expense of pricey storage space and simplifying the ordering process because now there is no need to call, we know what you need and will deliver it before you need it.

ACIA = Low Cost Products

Although we offer name brand products, ACIA also offers low cost alternatives potentially saving you thousands of dollars every year. Plus, we purchase products in bulk and pass these savings to you.

ACIA = Specific Tagging & Broken Case Quantities

We realize that most of our customers are buying products for an entire building, not just one unit, which is why we offer broken case quantities. Most of our competitors don’t want to waste the time doing this but at ACIA, we sell you only what you need. We will package your order in a way that makes it fast and efficient for your employees to do their jobs and combine each unit’s filters and belts together in one package so that a service technician will have everything they need all in one box if needed.